Welcome to the Tamar Catchment Partnership

As part of the national Catchment Based Approach initiative, we bring together a wide range of stakeholders to identify and facilitate better environmental outcomes across the Tamar and its tributaries, working to involve and represent those stakeholders and the wider community in the decision making process.

The Catchment Based Approach

This is the inclusive, civil society-led initiative that works in partnership with Government, Local Authorities, Water Companies, businesses and more, to maximise the natural value of our environment. It means collaborative working at a river catchment scale, delivering a range of environmental, social and economic benefits and protecting our precious water environments for the benefit of us all. Find out more on the CaBA website


Get to know our partnership and our integrated catchment management.


Our collective vision for the sustainable future of the Tamar Catchment.


Read our catchment plan, which sets out how we will achieve our vision.

Latest News from the Tamar

Annual Catchment Wide Event

Annual Catchment Wide Event

2021 Spring Newsletter

Devon & Cornwall Soils Alliance

A new DCSA ‘Soils Matter’ video has been produced

Catchment Pages

The Challenges & Choices Consultation has finished, thank you again for all your input and for taking part in the workshop. The next steps in the process for us is the Catchment Pages. These pages will be part of the updated River Basin Management Plans (RBMPs)....

Steering Group Meeting Dec 2020

The Steering group is meeting on the 2nd December 2020

2020 Autumn Newsletter

Challenges & Choices Consultation Workshop Details

Details of the workshop

Challenges & Choices Consultation Workshop 13th Feb 2020

We are interested in what you have to say in relation to water resources, water quality alongside both flood and drought resistance. The Environment Agency have launched their five yearly formal request for us all to review our existing River Basin Management Plan...

Tamar Catchment Partnership Meeting 02.12.2019

Update from the December meeting 2019