A catchment is all the land that drains into a river and its tributaries.


In a Catchment Partnership, a stakeholder is any individual, group or organisation who has an interest in, or an impact on, the health of the river and its catchment.


Ecosystem services are all of the many benefits we gain from the environment, including clean water, clean air, food, energy and places to  enjoy.

What We Do

We facilitate communication between everyone working within the catchment landscape. Through creating oversight of the projects, strategies, and targets within the catchment the partnership can help to develop collaborative projects and initiatives which will protect and improve the health of the rivers.


Who We Are

The Tamar Catchment Partnership was one of several catchments chosen to pilot the Catchment-Based Approach in 2011.

We are a team of partners led by a steering group and hosted by the Westcountry Rivers Trust.

We’re always looking to hear from more of our stakeholders, so if you live or work in the Tamar Catchment and would like to get involved with the Partnership, get in touch!



Our Approach

The Tamar Catchment Partnership takes a ‘stakeholder-led Ecosystem Services’ approach. This means we’re led by the ideas and views of people who affect and are affected by the rivers in the Tamar Catchment, the ‘stakeholders’ and data & evidence.

Through workshops and discussions, we identify areas that play, or could play, an important role in providing all the things we gain from the environment – ‘ecosystem services’.

Through this approach of combining stakeholder engagement with data and evidence, we are able to identify priorities for action, make strong cases for funding bids, and be more certain about the expected outcomes of activities.