Our Vision

One of the first tasks for the Tamar Catchment Partnership was work together, as a diverse range of people with a variety of concerns & interests, to identify a shared vision for the future of the Tamar.

We also identified 7 working groups based around our key aspirations for the Tamar catchment.

The image below shows a healthy, productive and balanced landscape. It captures our aspirational vision and the aims of our 7 working groups.

We, as a partnership, believe that if this vision is realised it will not only give us a healthier and more productive landscape, providing the environmental benefits we all rely on, but it will also improve the health and diversity of the wonderful wildlife living in the catchment’s rivers, lakes and streams.

Do you agree with this vision of a healthy and productive Tamar catchment?

The partnership needs ideas, energy and enthusiastic partners to move towards this vision!

Explore our interactive map and send in your own ideas for projects, or sign up to get updates on what’s going on in the partnership and how you can get involved.