Stretching 60 miles from source to sea and reaching into both Devon and Cornwall, the river Tamar shapes our history, our lives and our identities.

From the patchwork fields, moorland and skylines that surround us, to the food we eat, the businesses we run and the daily experiences we have it flows through everything we do.

It provides 116 million litres of water for us every day, to drink, to wash in, to water our gardens and to clean our cars. Its banks and tributaries are a place for our kids to play, for our dogs to cnufle and for our Sundays to lazily unwind. It plays a part in the food we see on our plates, how our bills add up and even whether we get to work on time.

In short, the Tamar is part of us all – and we are part of it.

So now it’s time to celebrate that.

This summer we’re on a mission to capture the spirit of our river, together. We want to help you see the Tamar differently, to discover what it means to you, to explore what marks us out as Tamar people.

From schools and businesses to streets and homes, we’re inviting as many people as possible to join us in making our TaMARK  – creating an identity for the river Tamar and everything it means, today and tomorrow. We want your hands, your stories, your pictures and your thoughts and we’re hitting the roads across the region to find them.

From 31st July we’ll be on tour with activities and suggestions for how to share your story, get involved and make your mark on the Tamar’s future.

You can also follow us on Twitter & Instagram (#MyTamar  #MyTaMARK), visit our website or sign up to our newsletter to discover how and where to Make Your TaMARK and find out about our ambitious plans for making the Tamar a better place, for us all.