Our new partnership coordinator Freya, attended the Cornwall Catchment Partnership’s quarterly meeting last week. It was an interesting day with lots of great presentations, including an update from the Environment Agency National Team, delivered by Damian Crilly Strategic Catchment Partnerships Manager. Among many other points the update showed that for every £1 directly invested by the government, CaBA partnerships had raised £6.50 from non-governmental funders over the 2017/18 period. For more figures on the benefits of the Catchment Based Approach take a look at this info-graphic.

There was also an update from Cornwall Council on the Forest for Cornwall. This is one of the council’s first projects from the 2019 Climate Change Plan, aiming to increase the canopy cover in Cornwall by 2%! Currently Cornwall has a canopy cover below the UK average of 13% at just 9-10%. A FAQ page will be going live soon on the Cornwall Council website with lots of information on how the target will be reached and how you can get involved.

Going forward we hope to maintain a close working relationship with our neighboring Catchment Partnership to help support the development of partnership projects in East Cornwall.